Baby Train

Κωδικός: 000840
μέγεθος: 115cm x 50cm x 86cm (LxWxH)
Βαρύτητα: 70 kg


The Baby Train has been especially designed for the youngest.
It includes 1 coach and 1 locomotive, each hosting one baby. It is a space saving machine as compared to a classical railway train; the two standard tracks are 5×3 m. and 8×3 m. long. It is operated mechanically by a counter slot, but can be equipped with a manual remote control on request. The Indian decoration hosts the majority of the electronic parts, such as the transformer. This train is suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations. It is often considered the main attraction of an entertainment park, and some of our clients have asked us to personalise it by putting ad banners on the train sides to publicise their business.