Crazy Glitter

Κωδικός: 000580
μέγεθος: 90cm x 125cm x 215cm (LxWxH)
Βαρύτητα: 160 kg


Crazy Glider is a large and at the same time compact kiddie ride. Overall dimensions are therefore very reduced compared to appearance. Children are amused by the particular movement which climbs slowly in a linear way and drops while gently swaying to simulate the effect of a parachute.

For passenger safety, a safety belt is fitted integrated in the seat and special sensors positioned in the platform and along the climb stop the ride in the event of anyone approaching the moving seat
in a dangerous way.

Furthermore, the kiddie ride features STOP and RESET buttons to stop it in case of need and then recover the ride without losing the coin.

Crazy Glider also has special wheels and tow hook for easier moving.