Magic Castle

Κωδικός: 000970
μέγεθος: 115cm x 85cm x 190cm (LxWxH)
Βαρύτητα: 180 kg


This special Kiddie Rides model is guaranteed to impress both for its size and for the unusual movement of the seat. It offers children something different from the usual rocking or rolling movements of normal Kiddie Rides. The seat, which takes one passenger at a time, moves with a clockwise circular motion. An incorporated seat belt ensures safety during the ride and sensors on the aluminum platform stop the toy if someone tries to get on while the castle is running, or moves too close to the moving seat. The machine also has a STOP button for emergencies and a RESET button to restart without loosing the ride. The MAGIC CASTLE is also fitted with wheels and towing point for easy handling.