2-7 ετών

Κωδικός: 000800
μέγεθος: 135cm x 100cm x 190cm (LxWxH)
Βαρύτητα: 180 kg


It is a special kiddie ride which impresses both for its super size and for the unusual seat movement. This machine offers the child something different from the swinging or rolling movement of a common kiddie ride, because its seat, which allows for only one passenger, moves in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions, drawing full circles and semi-circles. During the circles, a few cheerful tunes, which alternate at every run and match the Led synchronised choreographies, are played. The seat is equipped with a safety belt to ensure the child’s maximum safety while sitting on it; furthermore, sensors on the base stop the toy in case someone tries to climb the Miami while in operation or gets too near to the seat in an inappropriate way. This machine is also equipped with Stop and Reset buttons to stop and resume the run without losing the game. Like other rides, also the Miami has wheels and tow-hook for easy transport.